How A Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine Works

If efficient carpet cleaning is your thing, you’ve no doubt learned that it takes a lot more than a mop to get the job done. Nothing but a dedicated carpet cleaning machine can produce wholesome results on some of the more troubled fabrics. So I checked with my friend at Boynton Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros. His website is if you are in the area and need some professional carpet cleaning.

And yet, you’ve seen professional cleaners use a truckmount carpet cleaning machine for many of their cleaning gigs. Why go through all the extra hassle if there are portable cleaners that you can just plug into a nearby socket?

Well, fabric stains and smells tend to be a hardcore bunch. They’re hard or even impossible to deal with using anything but the most powerful tools at your disposal. Anyone who’s ever tried taking out the smell of mold or even pet odor from a dense fabric or leather knows how unrewarding or a process it can be.

Thanks to the truck’s gas-powered engine, truck mount carpet cleaners are much more powerful than anything you can buy or even rent.

Why you should avoid using a DIY carpet cleaning machine to get the job done

Think of these machines as miniature versions of truck-mounted big boys. They were downsized to make them accessible to the public; the smaller size also helps maneuver the machine around, meaning portable machines will always be useful for the select few cleaning jobs that a truckmount can’t reach.

However, they fall short in comparison to truck mounts on most cleaning gigs. The water in a DIY portable cleaner won’t be as hot, the spraying won’t be as powerful and the vacuuming won’t be as strong. It’s no small difference, either – there’s a good chance a truckmount could successfully clean a carpet you would otherwise be forced to throw away. The strength of these machines also makes them the only viable choice for deep upholstery cleaning that DIY machines have no chance of tackling.

Portable rental cleaning machines are only good as an emergency solution when a stain starts taking place, although they might not make much of a difference, even with your best efforts.

How truck mount cleaning machines work, and why they’re the better choice

If an engine has enough power to move a heavy van around, you’d best believe it can handle the cleaning of your carpets and upholstery.

Every part of the machine that does the cleaning draws power from the truck’s engine. The water is first heated to a high-enough degree to soften up any dirt, grime and particles that might have caused a stain to occur. Then, the engine powers a high-pressure pump that sprays the carpet with hot water and, if necessary, the appropriate chemical. After enough time has passed, the truck uses an industrial, engine-powered vacuum to suck out all the dirty water and safely store it in a container that is part of the cleaning machine. What you’re left with is a clean, stain-free carpet.

The truck might be stationary, but the range of a truck-mounted cleaning machine is actually much better than you might think, owing to a lengthy hose that can reach even far-away places deep inside buildings – this further cements truck mount devices as the only choice when it comes to cleaning upholstery on heavy furniture.